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Olson Chiropractic Center

What is a “CCEP”?

CCEP stands for “Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner”, an advanced certification in extremity adjusting education offered by the Council on Extremity Adjusting (CEA). Any Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) who has successfully completed our 105 hour, seven course extremity certification program and passed their final exam is a Certified Chiropractic Extremities Practitioner (CCEP).

What is Extremity Adjusting?

The Council on Extremity Adjusting recognizes that treatment of the whole body requires synchrony between the nervous system and the mechanical control system of the kinetic chain. Subluxations of any joint have both neurological and mechanical components.

Many patients suffer repetitive subluxations and nerve entrapments because the mechanical component is ignored, leaving root causes undiscovered and untreated. The goal of the Council is to provide doctors with the tools necessary to easily diagnose and treat these injuries, incorporating both neurological and mechanical treatments.

Mechanoreceptors are embedded in the tissues surrounding joints. When these tissues get stretched by a misalignment of the joint, this activates an inhibition or weakening of the adjacent muscle. Discovery of these weak muscles and correction of the misaligned joint to restore normal strength is specialty of the CCEP doctor.

Athletics and Extremity Adjusting

In the athletic environment the body is often exerted beyond the normal scope of sound biomechanical function. Great athletes push through pain to win or to better their time. It is in these intese moments when the body is very susceptible to injury. Joints in the body can be stressed or harmed, and then ignored due to the nature of the competition. This lack of acknowledgement impairs the proper function of the joint and thus degrades the athletic performance.

What Problems does a CCEP treat?

Rotator Cuff Tears, Shoulder pain, Sciatica, Pulled Muscles, Ankle Sprains, TMJ, Tennis Elbow, Plantar Fascitis, Carpal Tunnel, Knee Injuries, Hip Pain, Abnormal Gait, Rib Pain, Bicipital tendonitis, foot pronation, toeing out, Foot and Gait mechanics,

Do you work on your feet all day? Sit at a desk all day? Lift heavy objects all day? A combination of all of the above? If so, chances are you have some extremity issues that need to be addressed. By not getting the proper extremity treatment, your body attempts to over- compensate, which could lead to more subluxations in other joints and your spine.

An extremity expert (CCEP) is equipped to help you gain relief from these abnormalities by properly aligning both the neurological system (spine) and the mechanical control system (extremities) of your body for optimum performance.